Born buttocs first in 1969, Patrick has always wanted to make it up with the world and show something nice. But for a formal art education there was no support in his family. He graduated as a biological engineer in 1992. By then he had drawn only one single portrait. He decided to leave Belgium immediately. He lived and worked for 7 years in a remote jungle village in Guatemala. The revalorisation of the local indigenous knowledge implied a lot of socio-artistic work. When he got to collaborate with a painter from Luxembourg, he just knew that one day he also would be painting.


That day was only to come more than 15 years later. Patrick had been getting courses in poetry, different instruments, street theatre, photography, digital art. He also rediscovered the joy of drawing portraits. But all of that didn’t seem to work to get started as a professional artist. One day a neighbour asked if he knew someone that could paint the bridge at the local school with some bold graffiti. And he jumped: “I can”. That’s where it started. 

It started with a bridge turned into a huge tree with sun in the canopy and underneath, little Mawda on a swing. A refugee girl killed by the police. Dressed in white and playing. As she should be. It took five weeks and about 250 cans of spray paint. It was a slam dunk. From now on he would paint. No matter how big or small.

© Patrick De Ceuster

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