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Contextual art

I return art to the people using accessible poetry and contextual art in the public space. To make the art accessible, I prefer to include the neighborhood in the conceptualisation and elaboration of the artwork. Not with voting on social media, but with real dialogue. As a consequence, the outcome never is a dumb copy of a fox or monarch butterfly. I prefer 'contextual art' because street art is commonly used for graffiti art that has no connection to the street itself.

To not disrespect a building or a neighborhood, I adapt the artwork so that physical elements and people of the street will play a significant role in it. I call it decolonizing street art. Using mainly portraits with a story and hands that speak, I work in bright colors or black and white. I often include the unpainted wall as skin color. In that way the painted person and the building are one.

As a photographer, I use a lot of perspective, backlight, field of depth and other photographic effects. As a socio-cultural worker I always try to raise a social issue.

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